Thursday, December 11, 2008

Event description

The second Clare Glens Race will take place on Saturday, January 30th 2010. The concept is a core race, no frills - just friends out racing on Irelands most exciting kayak run.This is all about the challenge of racing on the Glens in two seperate events.

Event 1 - Team Race

A race from constriction to the bottom for teams of three paddlers. This will be a test of stamina and skill as the teams negotiate the course which will include steps, slides and waterfalls. We expect the race time to come in at around 15 mins so each paddler must be highly skilled, fit and willing to run some of the most impressive rapids in the country with arms and lungs burning!

The race organisers have nominated 19 team captains selected from loosly calculated geographical regions in order to ensure nationwide particpation. The captains were invited to select two team members from their region to compete in the race which ensures a strong field of paddlers from across Ireland.

The race organisers welcome the 2010 team captains and wish them all good lines in the Race!

Mens Expert Class

1. Kilian Kelly
2. Mike Barry
3. Colin Wong

4. Kipper Maguire
5. Paddy McGovern
6. Benny Cullen
7. Yianni

8. Ali Donald
9. Richie Kilfeather

10. Roger Hamilton
11. Andy Mc Murray

12. Andy Mullins
13. Tom O'Donoghue
14. ULKC (Kev Egan)

15. Captain TBC
16. Captain TBC
17. Captain TBC

Ladies Expert Class

Munster: 18. Kim Siekerman

Leinster: 19. Sarah Hudson

Event 2

Event 2 will comprise of an individual sprint over The Footbridge, Big Eas and Little Eas section. This section of the river includes the largest waterfall and the the infamous double drop which has caused many technical exits and claimed many experienced kayakers egos.

Kayakers will race from the pool above the run in to Big Eas and finish below Little Eas. The competitors for the sprint race are the same kayakers that competed in the team event.


  1. Is this race open to other paddlers or do the organisers decide who races?

    Be great to get people racing from other sides of Irish canoesport ie Slalom/WWR etc along for future events

    Best of luck with the event

  2. what is happening on the sunday?